Tuesday, December 21, 2010

'Tis the season.....to go crazy!

Well, Christmas is almost here and I think I've lost my mind! Why do I do crazy things like decided to rearrange furniture the week before Christmas?? A better question, why do I decided, less than a week before Christmas, to make picture frames for both of my kids Great-Grandmother's? Okay, yes, I know they will both love them, but, come on, wouldn't they like a store bought one just fine? Of course not! So, I HAD to make them something!!

Well, this one is for my boyfriend's grandmother. She is the Great-"Grandma" to all three kids. I had to merge 2 of Phindy's images so I could come up with 1 image with three kids....I did this for her Christmas card. Well, "Cookie" liked it so much she emailed me as soon as she got it and had a million comments and questions about the "picture" on my card. So, this great idea popped into my mind to make her a picture frame using the merged image.

I started out with a super simple (and cheap) picture frame:

I decided that due to time, it would be a simple transformation - no embellishments or anything (though, I'm wishing I had some little glass snowflakes to add), just paper and the image. Here is what I came up with:

I can't put the picture in it because I haven't taken it yet! I plan on doing that when the kids are all "pretty" for Christmas!

Overall, I can't complain. This was a super simple, easy peasy project and I think Cookie will love it!

As an added bonus, I get to enter this in the Phindy's Place Challenge this week as well as the Angel Creative Updates Challenge!!

Phindy's Challenge is "All Creatures Great and Small". Well, at first I was hoping that my teddy bear from the "Smooch" image would qualify but then I thought about it, technically, people are animals so I'm covered!

Mary's Challenge at Angel Creative Updates is "Anything Snows". Since there are snowflakes all over my DP for the photo mat, I get to use this project for that challenge too!


  1. This is awesome Katie, I just know that Cookie is going to LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Hope your dinner goes GREAT tomorrow night, and whatever you do, DONT stay up too late tonight....
    I'll talk to you tomorrow!

  2. Love it Katie! It's turned out so very nice! Go girl! Hugs.K.xx

  3. Great idea Katie! The colors match purrfectly and the merging of the Phindy images looks great. Thanks for supporting the Angel Challenges.

  4. Such a simple and clever idea! The great grandma's are going to love this!
    Thank you for playing at Phindy's Place this week!

  5. Wonderful frame Katie! =)
    Hugs, Elenor

  6. Katie what a great idea, this is brilliant!
    Thanks for taking the Phindy's Place Challenge, hope you'll join us this week for a Thank You challenge