Thursday, December 2, 2010

Merry Christmas Grammy!

Well, I made the deadline for Phindy's Challenge by the skin of my teeth this week! It's been crazy around my house with work, the beginning of the holiday season, and sick kiddos (and a Mommy who doesn't feel so hot). Tonight, I FINALLY got my Challenge card for Phindy's Challenge Blog finished and now I get to post it!! WOO HOO!!

So, the challenge was "metal" that's easy enough, right? I decided to do this card for my grandmother. She LOVES giraffes. When Phindy showed us this image "Hello There", I knew I had to have it for Grammy. I've made her at least one card with it already and decided to dress Mr. Giraffe up for Christmas to make her a special Christmas Card this year. My "metal" is my 3 "holly berries" (aka red brads)! Snuck those in pretty nicely I think!

So, here's my card for Grammy, I hope you all like it, I'm pretty sure she will!

1 comment:

  1. What a cute card for your Grammy and how fun to be able to make her a giraffe Christmas card, you could hunt forever in the shops and not find one!
    Thanks for taking the Phindy's Place Challenge